Robotic process automation(RPA)

We promote digital transformation through RPA solutions, allowing our clients to build a competitive advantage that positions them in the market.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Automate repetitive and labor-intensive activities through a Robot Software.

Types of Bot

In RPA, robots are categorized based on the required human intervention.


Robots that work with collaborators.


Robots that work independently.

Potential flows to robotize

The bot becomes part of the virtual workforce (virtual assistants).

  • High volume

  • Repetitive

  • Intense labor

  • Rule-based

  • Low Variation

RPA automatically executes the entire process:

  • Read the email

  • Download Excel attachment from email

  • Read Excel attachment

  • Capture data from Excel

  • Log in to ERP module

  • Enter captured data into ERP


How RPA works ?

Benefits projected at a global level

In each era, technology has increased productivity by bringing benefits to workers.



Increase in global productivity in the next 50 years.



Of the current work are intensive manual tasks ideal to automate.



It is the positive difference between the number of new jobs projected vs those displaced.



It's the equivalent of full-time workers that automation can bring to industry in the next 50 years.